Setting Your 360dialog Webhook URL


A common problem users encounter when connecting 360dialog to their chat platform – the inability to receive messages. This issue is often due to improperly setting the webhook URL.

Instead of navigating to the 360dialog account to manually set the webhook URL, users can do it directly through an external request.

This tutorial only applies to 360Dialog with Cloud API access. It will not work for On-premise API

HTTP Request


Content-Type: application/json

D360-API-Key: [Your 360dialog API Key]


“url”: “[Workspace ID]-[Phone Number]” }

[Workspace ID]: you can find this by going to your workspace settings from the left hand menu. first tab will show the id

[Phone Number]: should include the country code without the plus sign






Partners need to replace " " with their registered partner domain in the white label settings to avoid continued issues with message handling.


Video Tutorial