White label mobile apps - for UChat partners

This page is aimed at UChat partners. If you want to know more about our partner program, you can find more information at:


We will talk about the white-label mobile solutions for our partners:

  • White label mobile apps.

  • Option to publish a mobile app under your brand name.

  • Cost of publishing mobile apps under your brand.

  • Guide & tips to help you publish the mobile apps under your brand name.

Mobile apps are a great way to offer live chat support on the go! You can assign the conversation or talk to any of your customers right on the phone, or receive a push notification for the events that is happening in your chatbot.

Download White label mobile apps

UChat offers our partners to use non-UChat branded mobile apps to use for free. It will have the same features as our main mobile app.

You can download or redirect your user to download the white label mobile through the link below:

For the android device, you can also download APK file directly from here.

For more information on how to use the mobile apps, you can find the help docs here.

Option to publish the mobile app under your brand name

UChat offers our partners to use their own branded mobile apps. It will have the same features as our main mobile app.

It’s a paid upgrade. but it will bring more branding to your existing white labelling.

Here is what we are offering to you:

  • Mobile apps files for both Android & iOS & future updates.

  • Handling the server-side of cost for your white label app.

  • Offer guide & Tips to help you get the mobile app published

Here is what we don’t offer:

  • We don’t publish on your behalf.

  • We don’t guarantee that your app will be published in a certain timeframe or will get published at all. It’s all depending on your communication with Apple or Google

Here is what we need:

  • We need access to your Google Play developer & Apple developer account with username & password.

  • The developer account can be a personal account or a company account.

  • There might be extra charges if you apply for a developer account from Google & Apple.

  • Please prepare a logo for your mobile app, size is 1024x1024px

  • Privacy URL: Please provide a privacy URL to be used in the app settings

  • Please provide a demo account to test(under your custom domain, with pro feature access)

  • Firebase account with the billing information filled.

    Sometimes, the login requires a two-step authentication, so you need to provide a timely PIN for us to get access. We can schedule a time that works for both of us to set up.

Cost of publishing the mobile app under your brand name

The cost includes two categories, the one-time set-up fee & ongoing server cost.

The ongoing server cost is an annual subscription, and the price is $1000 per year. We will provide the server resources for your mobile apps. And the server is auto-scale to handle increasing traffic if there is any.

Please subscribe here for $1000 per year:

We don’t support setting up the same system on your server yet. If you need to use your own server, reach out to support for the quote on that.

The set-up fee is a one-time payment, the cost is a $1000 one-time fee, we will push through the source file to your developer account, and set up the necessary certificate to make it work including your firebase account, etc

Please pay a $1000 one-time payment here for the setup fee:


Tips to get your mobile app published

Here are the tips and tricks to get your mobile apps published, however, we don’t guarantee that your app will be published.

It’s totally up to your communication with apple & Google, your copy & description for your mobile app. But below are important rules, you need to pay attention to.


Both android and iOS requires screenshot, so you need to provide these for different devices! including iPad/tablet & different screen sizes.

We don’t offer these screenshots to you. you need to install the mobile apps from a test account or test flight, and then provide the screenshot.


In-App Purchases rules for Appstore:

Apple is very strict about in-app purchases, if you are offering paid content in mobile apps, they will ask you to comply with the in-App purchase, and they will share the profit margin for every in-app purchase or subscription.

If your apps or feedback is asking you to comply with in-app purchases, you need to clearly mention that the mobile apps are FREE for every one of your customers.

Actually, we suggest you highlight this in your app description. and also you can mention that it’s a free stand-alone app.

The mobile app is the companion to your existing platform(web-based tools). All the features are free to access, no need to upgrade or purchase a paid plan.

The above point is very important, it will decide if you can get your mobile app published easily & fast with apple or not.

Please make sure you understand the point.

Demo account:

Both Google & Apple ask for the demo account, you can have some dummy data in one of your workspaces, and then provide the login details for that workspace.

Walkthrough of our white-label iOS app:

Please check below walkthrough video below of our white-label mobile app, and you can find more details on how you can write your own descriptions to get your app approved.


Watch this video for the step by step publish your app to Google Play store:


Watch this video for step by step publishing app to appstore:


Golden tip to get your app approved:

  • Keep the screenshot simple

  • Keep the description simple, mention just basic features like:
    - It’s free for every customer to use.
    - It’s an add-on for the user of your platform, free
    - The user doesn’t need to upgrade to use a certain feature. All features are free
    - Keep the features simple, the user can check the orders, contacts, and conversations. Don’t add those fancy features in your first release, complete the features & screenshots only after you get the first version published.

  • Provide the demo account.

That’s about it. Hope to hear good news from you!


Get auto update on the mobile apps

We will provide auto update on the new version of the mobile app to both your iOS and Google play developer account.

You will need to create a new version and publish the new version from your side.

In order to do that, we will need below:

For iOS, we will need you to provide “App store Connect API”, we will need the Issuer_ID & Key ID.

Check the below video for more details.


Please send the issuer_ID & KeyID & name of your mobile app to our support email at ticket@uchat.com.au

Check this documents and provide all the information attached to our support.