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About UChat:

UChat is the ultimate chatbot platform, it will help you provide 24/7 support, engage with customers and increase sales conversions.


Here is a quick 2 mins overview of UChat.


Now, we will start talking about a few features of UChat.


Multiple channels support:

UChat supports you or any business to build a chatbot across all 12 channels, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Cloud API, Google Business Messenger, Telegram, Line, Viber, SMS, Voice, VK, and Slack.


And more channels are planned.

  • Microsoft Team

  • Google Assistant

  • Alexa

  • Intercom

  • JivoChat

You can easily build a chatbot in all the channels we support. And we believe that any business should serve its clients across all the social channels.


Here is a quick video of our multiple-channel feature.

Omni Channel

UChat introduced omnichannel, where you can build a single omnichannel bot with a unified inbox for multiple channels.

Build it once and launch on all 8 channels(currently, more channels will be added), including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Google Business Messenger, Line, and Viber.


Web Chat will be added in the omnichannel when it’s ready to release.

Intuitive Drag & Drop flow builder

You can design any kind of chatbot in just a few minutes using UChat’s drag-and-drop visual flow builder.


You can use the building blocks to design your automation logic.


Here is a quick video about our visual drag & drop flow builder:

Build your first IVR(Interactive Voice Response) with UChat

With UChat's unique voice flow, you can build your real-time voice virtual assistant.

You can also easily build Interactive Voice Response(IVR), transfer phone calls, leave messages, and even take payment automatically during the phone calls.



Click the video below to see a short introduction to our Voice channel:

Reach to Google Map & Organic Google search traffic with Google Business Messenger Chatbot

UChat just added Google Business Messenger as a new channel. You will be able to build chatbots to leverage Google’s dominant market share for online searches.

For your information,

●     Over 66% of U.S consumers who use navigation apps are using Google Maps

●     Over 92% of online searches happen on Google.

●     Over 70% of the world's phones and tablets are run on the Android operating system

This represents a tremendous opportunity for you to offer a chatbot solution to help businesses schedule appointments, make reservations and offer excellent customer services.


Click the link below for a quick demonstration of the Google Business Messenger chatbot.

Start your first WhatsApp chatbot with Official API from $5 per month, also support WhatsApp cloud API

If you ever build a WhatsApp chatbot, you will love our WhatsApp Pricing for only $5/month(1000 free session messages, no markup pricing)!

With the official WhatsApp business API, UChat has partnered with 360Dialog to bring this offer to you. You can start with our new number with this incredible offer.

All the new features for WhatsApp are supported right away, like lists, buttons, template messages & product catalog messages.


Here is the video on how to apply step by step:

Also, you can get started from our help documentation:



Also, you can find our WhatsApp chatbot demos:

WhatsApp flow demo with 360Dialog API - part 1:

WhatsApp flow demo with 360Dialog API - part 2:

Introducing Template messages in WhatsApp:

Native WhatsApp eCommerce demo:


Build a smart & advanced chatbot with UChat.

UChat integrates with Google’s DialogFlow to give you a super-smart, flexible system that can be trained for better responses and a wider variety of user inputs.

Not only is UChat easy to use for non-tech users but it’s also a powerful platform for developers to build apps within the UChat system. With an in-built database, HTTP request, JavaScript function and JSON variable & action you can easily build complicated chatbots without any coding skills!


You can watch this feature highlight video about how to create smarter chatbots with dialog flow:

Also, we have run workshops to build smarter chatbots, you can watch details here:

And if you want to take your chatbot to the next level with dialogflow integration, you can take a look at the slot filling feature we introduced:

Built-in Ecommerce support, Set up once and sell across all 12 social channels

UChat e-commerce feature allows customers to place orders across all the channels we supported.

Your customer can easily search for your products, and UChat streamlines the checkout process for you.

You can set up coupon codes, set up delivery areas, send order confirmation & abandon checkout follow up easily.


Click to watch a quick demo video below:


Centralize Inbox & Live Chat

Even if you have a smart chatbot, you will need human support from time to time. UChat allows you to send notifications(SMS, phone call, slack, email) to human agents, and also a live chat/inbox keeps all your contact and conversations on the same page.


Mobile apps support you to connect with your customer anytime & anywhere

UChat offers a mobile app that you can install and talk to your customers across all the social channels we support.

With our mobile app, you can assign the conversation to your team member, pause automation and live chat with the customers from all the social channels.


With UChat mobile app, you can:

  • Assign the conversation to yourself or team members, build your ticketing system. Seamless integrates right in the flow builder with the “assign team member” action.

  • Easy to pause/resume automation, easy to switch between inbox & done folder, so that you can always keep track of the tickets

  • Re-engaged with your customer: you can send template messages or SMS & email to reach customers that are out of the 24 hour window.

  • Easy manage contacts: You can get all the contacts from different social channels at one place, you can filter the contacts based on tags, custom fields or channels, and even edit tags or user custom fields.

  • Push notifications: You can easily turn on or off the push notifications, and also select the ringtone you like, always get in touch with your contacts.

Search “UChat” in Google Play & search “UChat Live Chat” in the App store to download our mobile apps.

Download iOS mobile app here:

Downlaod Android mobile app here:


Integrate with everything

Despite all the integration we already have(Stripe, Calendly, Google sheet, Dialogflow, SMTP, Sendgrid, Gmail, Mailchimp), you can still easily connect to other 3rd parties through our Zapier, Integromat, Pabbly Connect, and even build your own integration with our “mini-apps”.


Click to watch the demo video below:


Your brand, your domain, White label options

For digital marketers and agencies, UChat is the perfect platform that allows you to white-label the platform into your own brand. You can use your own domain and have your own brand name and login pages.

Most importantly, you can set up your own pricing/plans with UChat, sell at the price you want, and keep 100% of the profit.

More details on this are below.


You can check a few demo we have below:

Custom pricing checkout automation with chatbot:

Custom pricing checkout automation with Thrivecart: