Set up your own app for Meta Cloud API embed sign up

This is the option only for UChat partners! This app is only for the WhatApp Channel(Meta Cloud API), This app is not the app used to connect your Facebook & Instagram account.

As a UChat partner, you have exclusive access to our streamlined process for onboarding clients to WhatsApp automation through the Meta Embed Sign Up for Cloud API.

The process is designed for efficiency, allowing you to complete onboarding in less than five minutes using the WhatsApp Embed signup feature.


Do you need this?

First of all, UChat offers a non-UChat branded app for Meta cloud API onboarding.

The app's name is WA Cloud. If you don't mind, you can use our app for free. It's not necessary for you to have your own branded app. This concept is similar to the mobile app we have for UChat partners.

In summary, it's not necessary for you to have your own app, but if you want your own branding, having your own app will certainly assist in that regard.

What’s the price?

The cost is a one-time payment of $1000.

You can arrange the payment using the link below:

(Type 1000, it will generate a checkout page for you)

After making the payment, please send the payment receipt to

Upon payment, you will receive step-by-step video instructions, along with the exact video and text we use to get our app permission approved.

What’s the process?

The process involves 3 simple steps:

  1. Create Meta apps under your own verified Meta business manager. This step is for you to complete.

  2. UChat will check your app settings and set up the test environment.

  3. You will need to submit videos and instructions to get the permission approved. UChat will provide the videos and steps we have used. But UChat will not apply the permission on your behalf or guarantee your permission will be approved(it’s up to meta)

Step 1: How to Create Meta Apps

Follow the steps listed here: , please note, you need to have a verified meta business manager to get started.

A video will be provided to explain the process once the payment is made.

Step 2: Add UChat as Admin to Your Own App

You will need to add UChat as admin to your app, we will review your app settings, and fix it if there is anything wrong.

A video will be provided to explain this process once the payment is made.

Step 3: Create a Test Workspace Under Your Own Custom Domain

We need to connect your app to this workspace so you can create videos and submit for Meta permission. You will need to provide us with a workspace ID.

Please note this workspace need to under your own custom domain.

Step 4: Submit for Meta Permission

We will share what works for us, and you can follow these steps and tutorials to submit your own app for permission.

Your app will need two permissions:

  • whatsapp_business_messaging

  • whatsapp_business_management

Please note, we don’t apply for the permission for you; you will need to do it yourself.

We also can’t guarantee that your permission will be approved by Meta.

Results may vary due to different factors.

If you don’t get your permission in the end, you can request a refund. We will refund $500 back to you. But the good news is that meta cloud api is the future, and meta is actively prompting embed sign up for cloud API.

UChat get our own permission within 2 days, and only submit once. So it’s high chance you can get your own app approved.

P.S: We will provide the exact video we used and also the script we have used to get the permission approved.

Step 5: Connect Your Own App to Your Partner Domain

Once your app gets all the permissions we need, we will finish up on our side, connecting the app to your partner custom domain.

Then, all the new customers will use your own branded app for onboarding to Meta Cloud API.

What’s included & What’s not included?


  • Step-by-step video and documentation to help you create your app and submit for the permissions you need.

  • The exact video and script we use, which got our app approved within 2 days with only one submission.

  • The ability to connect your own branded app to your partner domain, and be a tech partners with meta.

Not Included:

  • UChat will help you set up the test environment and give you suggestions on what works for us. However, UChat will not apply for the permission on your behalf.

  • The reason is that the process might take a longer time, and it's not something we can control; it's up to Meta to approve the permission. It’s your responsibility to submit for permission and communicate with Meta to provide what they need to get the two permissions required.

What’s included in the training course?

The video course will include:

  • Overview & Introduction: We will go through the steps that is required, and also walkthrough how to create your own app, and set up everything

  • Our app permission application walkthrough: We get our permission within 2 days, and with only 1 submission. We will talk about the tips and tricks we have learned from our past experience.

  • The video and script we used: You will have access to the exact video & script we have used. It’s for your reference only.

What if We don’t get the permission we need?

If you don’t get the permission you want, or you no longer wish to have your own apps, you can request a refund from us. We will refund 50%, which is $500, back to your original payment method. Simply send an email to our support at