Agents Group Chat


UChat now allows the users to let their live agents handle their conversations in groups of their own. This is a great feature for businesses that have many live agents and keeping tabs or discussing issues in between by a supervisor is difficult.

Making An Agent Group Chat

On your UChat dashboard, click on the “Agent Group Chat” Tab and then Open Chat to start seeing the channel/groups.

Click on the icon to start a new group.

Edit the details for the group and then press create.

Using Group Chat

The group chat can be used in a similar manner as the normal live chat, but with additional features. Some of those are discussed below:

Tagging Agents

Click on the variable icon and select the agent you want to tag inside the chat from the pop-up menu


In order to send a reply, click on the “reply” window and click on send to send icon on the message


In order to send a note, click on the “Note” window and click on the send to send icon the note.

You can also filter the conversation to notes only by clicking on the tick box above.

Managing Group Chats

You can manage multiple groups by clicking on the group icon and selecting the group you want to edit (you can only edit the groups created by you)

Click on the pencil icon to edit the group.